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  • Tabard Generator

    This tabard generator is far superior to any other tabard generator that i know of to date, you can tell this by just looking at the screenshots. Tabagen uses the Guild Tabards from World of Warcrafts armory pages to create a much better visual representation.
    It has 3 main randomizing features (random emblem, colors or all) as well as manually selecting for fine tuning, you can even save your tabards or copy the url to give to your friends or enemies (for rubbing their nose in the fact that you 're going to have a much better tabard than them!).

    GuildName Generator
    The GuildName Generator is based upon a fruitmachine style system for maximum randomization of Guild names allowing you to hold 1,2 or even all 3 of the segments if you so wish. Each section has a hefty list and for the more advanced of you can manipulate the text files it uses to add in (or take away) any words you feel necessary. This section also comes with a character limit option (just incase you want to just play with it!). You can save your guildnames also!

    Load Tabard
    The Load Tabard section is pretty obvious, but for those of you unable to grasp it i shall try to explain. This is where you can load your saved tabards for later viewing, it also lets you copy the text/URL to show to your friends.

    CharGazer is a feature i created to make viewing characters and guilds on several sites a much easier task, it includes many sites such as wowjuju and 3darmory as well as wowarmory(obviously) and IMBA. as good as this section is, the ArmorySync (see below) may force it to become Obsolete.

    ArmorySync [WiP]
    The ArmorySync is a new feature that im currently working on (inspiration by Harley Ekelund) that will allow guildmasters to check for updates to your guilds Gear, Talents (& Glyphs), achievements, Stats and lots more. The other features will include all of those from the above mentioned CharGazer as well.

    RSS Reader [WiP] New!
    This thought provoking idea was from 'EpicPhoenix' found on the WCRadio forums. for those of you unsure of what RSS or an RSS Reader is then visit this Wiki page on it.

    WCRadio is a great World of Warcraft radio station... THE ONLY! world of warcraft station! Funny Humor, Wide discussions, plenty of fun!